Building an Online Kingdom Business Doesn't Have to Be a Struggle.


Building an Online Kingdom Business Doesn't Have to Be a Struggle.

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I'm Jenny-Lyn Allen and I help married Christian Women Entrepreneurs develop their unique Holy Spirit-Led strategy for serving their first paying clients through their Online Kingdom Business.

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Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” - Matthew 6:33

I believe that you can have a thriving Online Kingdom Business without compromising your faith or sacrificing your marriage.

In fact, I believe that keeping those essential elements in focus as you build your business is integral to your long-term success since they are important to God and His Kingdom.

But this is a lesson I learned the hard way. Before I learned how to live out that verse practically, going against the status quo, doing life and business with God and demonstrating my faithfulness in standing for marriage even when I felt like I was the only one trying, I spent YEARS struggling to get my business off the ground. Maybe you can relate...


You have a God-sized vision to impact many for His Kingdom.

The problem is—you never thought that stepping out in faith to answer God's entrepreneurial call would bring so many challenges. How do you deal with:

  • Imposter syndrome and feeling adequate for such a huge vision?
  • The lack of support when your marriage is a mess, your husband is unsuportive and those closest to you just don't seem to understand?
  • Frustration when you're doing #allthethings, sharing your message only to have no one respond?
  • The ever-changing technology and the plethora of strategies out there to building an online business?

The good news? Your success and the solution to ALL of that is based on just ONE thing:

Your ability to be led and guided by God -- following His Kingdom principles and the unique business-building strategy He has for YOU. And with the right guidance and support, it's something you can absolutely do!

Thank you Jenny-Lyn ... You opened my eyes to see things in a new, positive perspective. You're very skilled, blessed, and talented. You caused me to go back to the root cause of my challenges ... Your process put me at ease... I have grown so much. My relationship with God has improved too. You also helped me see the bigger picture of serving from a place of purpose.”

Magz Rakabe

Here's How I Can Help You ...

Overcome pain and creating Peace and Partnership for a Kingdom Marriage

(Even if you're the only one trying).


Gain Clarity on God's Kingdom vision for you.

Develop your unique Strategy and set up Systems for Online Kingdom Business success.

Thanks to Jenny-Lyn's Coaching, Accountability and Spirit-Led prayers, I was able to stay focused long enough to experience God's goodness ... Investing in coaching with Jenny-Lyn was the BEST decision for me!

Silvia Lo


Biblical wisdom on how to partner with God in marriage and business.

It's time to serve your first paying clients through your Online Kingdom Business.

Without compromising your faith or sacrificing your marriage.